Christine & Matthew by Mareli Victor Photography

Real Weddings

The past year has been filled with very special memories, couples and moments. I have had the honour of sharing in special moments with people very dear to me and Christine & Matthew Hittinger is no exception. 

I am truly thankful to be part of this love story. Christine  & Matthew it is a joy to see your love and know that it is build on strong foundations. To know you have grown strong together and that no matter what life troughs at you, you can overcome it. 

May your union be blessed and may your love grow stronger even when times are hard and when times are easy. 

Thank you that I could spend the day with you, capturing these memories for you. 

It was lots of fun and many laughs through the day. All the best on your journey forward.


Christine & Matthew planned and enjoyed a Classic Spring Time Wedding theme at the Royal Elephant Hotel.

Service Providers

Photographer: Mareli Victor Photography
Dress: n/a
Make-up: Milly Roos
Hair: Nadia Tender
Decor: n/a
Music: n/a