Bondev Thatch

...forest, lawns and patio

Autumn, winter, spring or summer...

...the lawns are always green and the trees beautiful!

Bondev Thatch is a throwback to a more traditional wedding atmosphere with an open-spaced thatch roof, slate tiles and outdoor spaces in our forest area. Comfortable seating up to 80 friends and family members…

As a smaller, more intimate venue, the Thatch and Slate design is ideal for a warmer setting. The high ceilings still gives a sense of space and comfort, but also allows for various decor options. 

This space also has a paved outdoor area ideal for your outdoor ceremony, an outdoor buffet area or simply a relaxing space. The wooded area on two sides of the venue gives a sense of being surrounded by nature.

Key Features...

  • Double Volume Ceilings
  • Trees surrounding the outside paved area
  • Warm Thatch and Slate design
  • Attached Patio Area
  • Separate Secure Parking in Estate
  • High-Speed Wifi and Internet Access
  • Possible outdoor Bar Area
  • Outdoor Breakaway / Buffet Area
  • Wheelchair Accessible
  • Generator on-site
  • Air Conditioning

Dark slate tiles and Thatch roof for that authentic, warm feeling!