How to Choose a Ring

Ok… This one is for the guys…

You decided that you want to get married, and not only that… the girl you are dating is the one you want to get married to! which now leaves you in the situation of planning the proposal (of which, finding the proper engagement ring is rather a big part!)

So… how do you find the “Right” Engagement Ring​? And how do you know it is “right”?

How Much?

First things first… How Much

The old advice of an engagement ring needing to cost 2-3 months’ worth of salary is just nonsense. It was marketing copy, designed to push diamond sales. The right amount to spend on an engagement ring is simple:

How much can you actually afford? 

Do not be bullied by anybody to spend more than you can afford ...

The simple fact is that the engagement ring is not an investment into your future. That doesn’t mean you don’t need to spend time on it, just that the value is attached to other criteria:

  • Does it reflect who you are (will she see something shiny, or will she see you when she looks at the ring?)
  • Does it say “I love you, forever” 
  • Does it show that you thought about not just the ring but what it implies for the rest of your life? 

Now that you have taken the big things into consideration… are you qualified to choose a ring?

Get Help!

No… this blog post is not it!

Get a friend or a sister that knows her extremely well to assist you in choosing a ring. Just because she must see you in the ring, doesn’t mean you should make it out of a steel washer or with a camo design. A friend will steer you in the direction of ring designs she will actually appreciate. 

…some other tips:

  • Check her Pinterest account
  • Actually, LOOK at the finer jewelry she wears on a day to day basis
  • Listen to her comments when other friends show of wedding or engagement rings
  • Did I say to Check her Pinterest account?
You know what… just go ahead and register on Pinterest. You are going to need it a lot!
Something else that you may have missed is any metal allergies your significant other may have. It is not common, but some people are allergic to gold. It would be good to know it advance!

Size Matters!

When it comes to a ring, size… very definitely matters! 

Now, you might think that its the size of the diamond I am referring to here, (and yes it does play a role) but its not my primary concern here. 

What you do not want is to have the perfect ring, the perfect cut, the perfect shape, in your budget… and then, when you propose, it just doesn’t fit! Whether you are superstitious or not, having the wrong size ring is a bad omen! 

Ok, it’s not, but it is not a good start to how much you paid attention to the small things! 

Here are some tips:

  • Steal (borrow) one of her rings ( making sure it is one that fits on the right finger!)
  • Sneakily measure one of her rings (using something solid, not “approximately halfway up my pinkie finger…”
  • Ask her best friend… they probably know each other’s wedding ring sizes… and if she doesn’t, she can pull off “borrowing” some jewelry.

When it comes to a ring... Size... very definitely matters! 

Start Shopping!

…don’t rush this part

Not paying full price for an engagement ring is prudent, not cheap!

Go around and shop. Look for deals, look for discounts, look for specials, and when you find what you are looking for, negotiate!

A tip that frequently shows up is to go and buy a ring you like just before closing and making an offer to the jeweler. I am not confident that this will work, but try… any discount can be spent on the honeymoon… or wedding rings!


Don’t be the guy that makes the fireplace stories for the next 25 years… 

You spent real money on that ring, now get it insured and somewhere safe until the big day! 

While you are busy... why not get a venue quote for your planning?

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About the Author

Sean is the guy that made every one of the mistakes implied above… but is still happily married after 25+ years with two kids. It just goes to show… if it is the right girl, the ring doesn’t matter!